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Sick of Robocalls and texts to your phone?

Sick of Robocalls and texts to your phone?

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Stop the calls, and make the robocallers pay!

Stop the calls, and make the robocallers pay!

Most robocallers and texters know that what they're doing is illegal. That's why they go to such great lengths to hide their identities, so you can't find them. They "spoof" their numbers, make their website registrations private, and lie about who they are, or where they're calling from. But what if you could find them, and make them PAY?

Now, you can turn robocalls and texts into cash, with the original kit designed to help you reclaim your phone from robocallers and spam texters!

What is the Turning Robocalls Info Cash Kit

  • Take the Robocalls and Texts

    Take the Robocalls and Texts

    You'll learn how to invest just a few minutes into each call or text, and get the info you need to track down the robocallers and texters to make them pay.
  • Research the callers

    Research the callers

    Using the information you obtain from the calls/texts, learn how you can track down the callers, even if they’ve used fake numbers.
  • Make them pay

    Make them pay

    Once you’ve tracked them down, use one of the SIX template letters (included) to formally demand the money you’re owed under federal law!


What kinds of calls does the kit work on?

Virtually any kind of call (or text) to your cell phone that's initiated by an automated dialing system.
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