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Petition To End Robocalls Hits

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Consumer advocate Doc Compton proves once again that he is a "Man Of The People", with a new petition on . Authored by the creator of the "Turning Robocalls Into Cash" kit, the new petition aims to urge Congress to update the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in a meaningful way, in hopes that it will help end robocalls once and for all. The petition lists several things specific ways that The TCPA can be updated to reflect changes in technology, and the mountain of case law that has piled up since its original passing in 1991.

Compton is seeking signatures on the petition in support of the proposed changes, in hopes of garnering support from state and federal legislators, in hopes that Americans will soon find relief from the all-too-familiar onslaught of illegal telemarketing calls.

Those interested can sign and share the petition here:

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