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Turning Robocalls Into Cash kit featured on Vice News' Motherboard

vice news motherboard robocalls texts

Vice News' Motherboard has now been added to the list of hundreds of news nd media outlets that have featured the "Turning Robocalls Into Cash" kit...

Anne P. Mitchell, and Stanford Law graduate, bought the Turning Robocalls Into Cash kit in 2020, and was inspired to create a kit of her own, focused more on spam texts. David Weekly, a California tech exec used the tips in Mitchell's kit to successfully sue a robotexter for $1200.

Motherboard Senior Staff Writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai also interviewed Doc Compton, creator of the kit that's helped tens of thousands people successfully pursue robocallers and texters, and get paid tens of millions doing so.

Full article at the link below:

This Guy Sued a Spam Texter and Got $1,200 (and You Can Too)

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