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Utilizing the experience of many...

The “Turning Robocalls Into Cash” kit is the product of years of experience from experts - both attorneys and non-attorneys - who have been nailing these annoying, illegal
robocallers for breaking the federal laws enacted by Congress to make sure they
weren't allowed to call your cell phone without your prior, express, written consent.
The kit teaches you everything you need to know about how to handle their
calls, how to find them, even if they use fake telephone numbers, and then, how
to demand the money to which you are legally entitled.

Experience has taught us that there's literally no better way to get your phone numbers removed from telemarketer call lists than to make them cut you big settlement checks! And now, you don’t just have to rely on the kit itself… We have created a support group, comprised of a number of experienced kit users, just like you!

Benefits of Joining...

Imagine having the collective experience of thousands of kit users right at your fingertips! That’s what the robocalls.cash member forum is all about. Our private, members-only forum is a place where kit users of all experience levels can ask and answer questions, compare
experiences, and share critical information about their use of the kit.

For example:

  • Habitual violator names, addresses, and key contact information.

  • Up-to-the-minute case law involving applicable statutes.

  • Updates about changes in the laws themselves.

  • Notifications about major cases and class actions.

  • Insider information about tactics used by illegal telemarketers.

  • Expert-level strategies for identifying and locating violators.
    …and much, much, more!

Want proof that the Turning Robocalls Into Cash? Click Here

Our Vetting Process...

In the interest of protecting the integrity of the forum, and it’s members, we have a thorough vetting process that includes an application that has been designed to prevent infiltration by
robocallers and their attorneys. That means that the information shared in the forum is secure, and can only be used by the members for its intended purpose… STOPPING ILLEGAL ROBOCALLS.

I am already a kit user, and wish to join the forum.

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